Devil’s Own?

I recently started reading ‘The Amityville Horror’. The book called to mind a most disturbing Incident that occurred to me early In my childhood. By writing about It I am placing myself at the mercy of people’s ridicule. That fact has never stopped me and It won’t this time. This story begs to be told.

This post Is decidedly not for sceptics of the paranormal. Neither Is It for the superstitious ones. I have taken a deep Interest In science since an early age, yet have acquiesced to the fact that there are certain things beyond It’s realm. There exist things and phenomena that science has not been able to adequately explain away. An open mind and a whole lot of faith would be necessary to read through this post. Onward with my story then.

I was around 6-7 years old. My brother and cousin sister being 4 and 5 respectively. That was the age when the prospect of entering an empty, unlit room could be considered fun and exciting and dangerous, not knowing what lurks In there. So one day, with the entire family In the kitchen, the three of us decided to play a game. The person who enters the room, climbs the bed and goes farthest towards the window wins. It was a game of guts and testing one’s mettle.

So we go In, one by one climbing the bed, Me In the lead followed by my bro and my cousin In the rear. I walk towards the window, my body taut with excitement, but not wanting to be the first one to give up and race out of the room. I could sense the fear In the other two. So I’m finally at the grilled window waiting for the other two to either come closer or give up and run. I was sweating by then but being the eldest I could’nt back away. Suddenly, the two of them hightail It like bats out of hell. But the triumphant feeling of being the last man standing was shortlived. Because as I turned myself to follow them I saw out of the corner of my eye what seemed like a red glow coming from the window. I turned my head to see what It was and what I saw literally froze me. I could’nt move nor scream rooted as I was to the bed. There was a glowing red face outside the window. Just a face. With what looked like horns coming out from It’s head. And then It spoke. Those four words that will be burnt In my memory till the day I die; “Your Soul Is Mine”. And then It was gone.

As I look back years later I almost refuse to believe that anything happened. The only reason that I don’t completely put It down to fantasy Is the fact that I have two witnesses to the Incident. My bro and my cousin.

By the end of this reading my mental stability would come to be questioned. I am still hesitant to put a name to the face. That’s because i’ve always considered the devil as a christian concept to keep men’s dick In their pants and women to keep them out. Dicks. More or less.

All I can hope for Is that someday, someone might give me a plausible enough explanation for what took place and allay my fears of going to hell.


The Unlikely Saviour.

How does a man control his instinctive urge to suck on a cigarette? Especially If he happens to be one who is trying to quit. And he finds himself In the midst of smokers who’ll give chimneys a run for their money. In such trying times a person prays for something to relieve him of the temptation that he so naturally feels.
Enter gum. Chewing gum. A mainstay of the United States military for it’s ability to relieve stress and improve concentration, It has finally found favor with me as an effective way to resist the dreaded fag.
Now If only they sold caffeinated gum. That’s If the U.S armed forces don’t already have a patent on It.

The Battle Has Begun!

I quit smoking 3 days back. Yes. 3 WHOLE days. If you’re one of my friends or even a passing acquaintance you would definitely stick your nose up at this declaration of mine. If not, then you really don’t know me too well. This would probably be the umpteenth time I have made the promise of giving up smoking. Now only people who do smoke would understand that letting go of the cancer stick is not a mean feat. But this time I’m NOT giving it up for good. What I’m going to do Is not smoke until I have put on 5 kgs. In the Gym. So from Monday I hit the weights. What kind of twisted mind would dream of such a plan, I hear you ask? All I can say Is, nothing has ever made more sense to me…….
And in the words of Mark Twain, “Quitting Smoking is easy…I’ve done it a thousand times”.