The Battle Has Begun!

I quit smoking 3 days back. Yes. 3 WHOLE days. If you’re one of my friends or even a passing acquaintance you would definitely stick your nose up at this declaration of mine. If not, then you really don’t know me too well. This would probably be the umpteenth time I have made the promise of giving up smoking. Now only people who do smoke would understand that letting go of the cancer stick is not a mean feat. But this time I’m NOT giving it up for good. What I’m going to do Is not smoke until I have put on 5 kgs. In the Gym. So from Monday I hit the weights. What kind of twisted mind would dream of such a plan, I hear you ask? All I can say Is, nothing has ever made more sense to me…….
And in the words of Mark Twain, “Quitting Smoking is easy…I’ve done it a thousand times”.


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