The Unlikely Saviour.

How does a man control his instinctive urge to suck on a cigarette? Especially If he happens to be one who is trying to quit. And he finds himself In the midst of smokers who’ll give chimneys a run for their money. In such trying times a person prays for something to relieve him of the temptation that he so naturally feels.
Enter gum. Chewing gum. A mainstay of the United States military for it’s ability to relieve stress and improve concentration, It has finally found favor with me as an effective way to resist the dreaded fag.
Now If only they sold caffeinated gum. That’s If the U.S armed forces don’t already have a patent on It.


5 thoughts on “The Unlikely Saviour.

  1. dear brudder….the self imposed “ciggie ban”ur on seems to me a scam…yes …a scam….knowing u…it’ll be a bloody miracle if u get through this week…mark my words…ohh and from my druggie friends–chewing gums to kick the butt are avalaible at nearby stores

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