Relationship Mishaps

Why is it sometimes hard for some to let go of people? And so easy for others? A childhood spent without having any close relationships has led me to be one of the latter kind. Should my upbringing be the cause of my inadequacy at sustaining a relationship? Few have survived my not infrequent tantrums and unprovoked aggression.

I was a shy kid not too fond of mixing around with others. i liked books and was exceptionally fond of mathematics. I discovered not too long ago the joys of socializing. I especially started enjoying the company of women. Any guy who says otherwise is lying. I mean even gay men enjoy women’s company.

The problem most people seem to have with me is my brutal honesty and natural disposition for being blunt with words. People misinterpret it and think that i have a bad attitude and I’m more or less a prick. I thought those were good qualities; being honest and blunt and not a bad ass and prick. Having heard that from my so-called best friends time and again I am starting to believe that there just might be some truth in those statements. And for all those who think I’m pretentious and self-obsessed take a good hard look in a reflective surface. May be you will find a way to better understand others. Or you all just suck.


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