Drinking Daze

Now drinking is a social phenomenon and generally practiced in any society irrespective of prohibition being enforced by the concerned country or not. As such I have observed from personal experience no ill-effects arising out of a night of solid drinking. Of course there is the hangover which feels like your head has been run over by a small truck to be dealt with the next morning, not to mention the clothes that stink vaguely of beer, vodka, cigarettes, puke and urine in no particular order of preference. Also if you’re friends have been generous enough you might find their choice of alcohol and bodily fluids intermingled with your own. But for all this, it isn’t convincing enough to discourage most of us, including me to not binge drink on occasion. I say occasion because I am fairly old at 22 to binge on a regular basis considering the amount of run over brain cells suffered as a result of the small truck passing through since I have been old enough to illegally drink. Takes it’s toll on one it does.

But those few times I do drink to reminisce about trucks the next morning, hilarity ensues as seen through the eyes of my dear friends. There was this one time where I walked the neighborhood streets with my pants down at my ankles as I had forgotten to pull them up after taking a pee on the road as well as a dog. Or two. Or the time when I abruptly sat down after being hit on the balls by a considerably inebriated friend and upon being asked by someone as to what the matter was replying by saying “it’s paining”. Asked to elaborate I told them I was “hit on the FUCKING balls by a FUCKING idiot”.

Also warranting a mention is the drastic exponential increase in charm my personality undergoes with every pint or/and large peg that goes into my alcohol stream. That comes with the realization that I am invincible and that no one or nothing can affect me. It only lasts as long as I’m drunk though. Pity. Life would be vastly entertaining and enjoyable if we could perpetually maintain that state. Other latent talents that are brought out into the open would include dancing to just about any song and miraculously singing along too. Mithun would probably find me embarrassing.


4 thoughts on “Drinking Daze

  1. wow…. if ur ever drunk in MY company i’d remain sobre just for the privelege of getting all of that caught on tape… then selling it. i’ll be a millionaire! we can call the show “yash’s drunk escapades” or something. think abt it. 😛

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