22 Revolutions Around The Sun

6th of May 1986, 22 years ago I was brought into this world. 22 years later I have yet to make a mark on it. Aimlessly I have wandered through life up until this point and it all hit me a few days back when I realized how old I’ve become and how direction less my life really is. Rabid optimism is a characteristic trait of my personality but in moments such as these it fails me and a vulnerable side comes to the fore. A side seldom seen by most but often known by me in solitude. A feeling of helplessness comes upon me at such times and I am unable to think clearly to get things done. And when I do have the time I waste it in trivial pursuits and dissipate my energies on random and inconsequential nonsense. Maybe I am afraid of my tomorrow, of what I need to do and what I will become once I make a decision. Yet with this post I also promise to get down to brass tacks and make a final decision to do something from now on as pertains my career and stick to it. Hope Lady Luck doesn’t desert me when I most need her. And now is the time I need her very much.