Examinations, Results and Failing.

Results are out and I have failed my Third Year Exams. Yes. To all who know me it may come as a mild shock, and yet it’s the truth. So how did this happen you ask? Well I place part of the blame on myself. Working and trying to study at the same time is not really a good idea. You just can’t manage it and expect to be excellent at both. Which brings one to the question; should one spend a quarter of a century towards the pursuit of an educational qualification? 25 years of your life dedicated to education before you get a job. It just isn’t feasible to most including me who are from average middle class families where you more or less have to fend for yourself.

So then where lies the problem exactly? Is it us Youth who have their ambitions allegedly misplaced or is it the Government who fails to recognize that the Indian Education System is badly in need of an overhaul? I am not complaining about the Higher Education System in India. The IIM’s and IIT’s can hold their own against the best universities in the world. So why doesn’t the Primary and Secondary Education System not have the same quality? Can nothing be done about it? Is is not important? You are 21 on average by the time you are done with your basic Education. After which you need to specialize because unless you have been living under a rock for a really long time you would know the futility of having just a graduation in this country of ours. The numbers show the stark reality of the truth. The number of Raw Graduates being employed is abysmally low, only a quarter of the two and a half million graduates that India produces being actually employable.

The success or failure of the Indian Economy Is directly dependent on the literacy rate of its population. Yet the quality of the education should be as important as the measures taken to increase the literacy rate. A comparison between India and China is imperative, nay, inevitable. China’s Youth is almost entirely literate. To say that India is a Democracy while China is not isn’t the best explanation our policy makers can come up with. In fact the failure of the political structure of the country may have something to do with the education system; having infested and stained rather than built and grown and nourished India’s present.

There is an unrest amongst the youth of today towards the shoddy education system. Everyone seems to acknowledge that a degree in any stream holds as much water as an upturned cup. The longer the time before a change is made the more the youth of our country would be affected by the feet dragging of our not so beloved politicians and policy makers. I for one sure do not wish to be old and senile before these people wake up from their slumber and wonder what has happened to this great nation which was supposed to have become a superpower but has turned instead into a super mess.