Chocolate – The Food OF Gods

I woke up one morning and as is customary for me, read the day’s newspaper. In it was an article that piqued my curiosity. The article was about a study that had discovered that women actually prefer chocolates over sex. Wait till the girls hear about this, we’ll all be havin’ a good laugh and slappin’ our thighs. To my chagrin though, I was the one being laughed AT. Women actually do seem to prefer chocolate over sex, albeit to varying degrees among different women. But the general consensus is that the study has some merit. Another part of the study surveyed women from different countries of the world and their tendency to avoid sharing chocolate. Guess what? Women from Brazil are least likely to share followed by Indian women. That accounts for all the missing chocolate in the house. I can’t blame the women though. I profess to like chocolate almost as much. After all the scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma, which means Food of the God’s.

Chocolate has a number of different chemicals that stimulate various regions of the brain. One of the regions that a certain chemical stimulates is also the same region which becomes more active during sexual arousal. Women also tend to crave chocolate just before the beginning of their menstrual cycle. This is due to the fact that serotonin (a chemical receptor and neurotransmitter) levels go down and chocolate seems to stimulate the production of it. Thus the effects of menstruation are more muted than without chocolate. Or maybe it just makes it a lot more sufferable. Also the melting point of chocolate is just slightly above the human body temperature which is why chocolate melts instantly in the mouth. The sensation is quite a pleasure in itself I might add but then nobodies really a stranger to that feeling. And anything that’s food for the God’s is good enough for me. I was wondering aloud to Anika, a close friend as to why civilization didn’t die out when women discovered chocolate. She tells me it was the Aztecs who discovered it and where are they now?


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