Almost Dead

There’s a saying that goes thus, ” We live only twice; once when we’re born and the other when we die”. Well i know I’ve certainly felt alive when I’ve almost walked into the white light. There are 2 incidents that come to mind very vividly. Twice when I’ve come so close to knocking on Heaven’s Door I could smell the barbecue inside.

The first time was when me and a bunch of friends had gone to take a dip in a Well. Problem was, I couldn’t swim. Unfortunately I was under the influence of certain of nature’s natural ‘stimulants’ and was in an ebullient mood. So what if I can’t swim? That’s not stoppin’ me from tryin’ nosiree. There’s always a first time to do things, so why not now? My logic seemed infallible. So I jumped. Right smack dab in the middle of the Well. Well it certainly felt different than the pool at Water Kingdom though I couldn’t put my finger on which part. I didn’t have the time to think that far. I was more taken up at the moment with figuring out what I was supposed to do next with my hands and feet. I didn’t make any earth-shattering discoveries. But maybe a minute after I jumped in the guys on the outside realized that something was wrong. They came to that conclusion after watching me struggle for life and air for a whole minute. Guess they were ‘stimulated’ too like I was. Anyway one of them jumped in and pulled my lame ass out of that well. We had a joint after I dried myself up. I sure needed it.

The other time was when I decided to borrow a friends motorbike for a couple of days. I’m used to the drum brakes on the front wheel of my bike whereas his had disk brakes. Which means better braking but unless you’re used to it they can be hazardous to health as I was soon about to find out. It was about evening time and I was cutting through traffic when the Rickshaw ( the bane of Indian roads) right in front of me braked hard. I swerved off to the left but there wasn’t enough of a gap so to avoid banging into him I braked. Hard. Now the thing with disk brakes is that the wheel comes to a dead stop. Which it did when I jammed the brake. Not good when you’re doing about 40 kph. The front wheel skidded out from under me and I was thrown off. I was on the ground and traveling without the bike which had ended up under a truck not 2 feet from me to my left. If I had to fall to the left of that bike it would have been me under the truck and the bike watching me.

Still gives me goosebumps thinking of those times. I guess I have the Devil’s own luck as the saying goes. Comes in handy it does.


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