Alcoholic Necessity

Aah. Who doesn’t know the pleasure of that poison in their blood. From the first sip the absolute passion flooding down your throat, exploding in your stomach and sending the most relaxing sensations zinging through your body. Minutes later, the sensation of calmness and requiem buzzing through your brain and sending shock waves of calm through your senses. We drink to celebrate, we drink to drown our sorrows, we drink to forget, we drink to remember the good old times, we drink to dull emotional pain, we drink to feel good; to puke and pass out.. and drink we do.

I drink for all these reasons and many more. Albeit drinking doesn’t need a reason. It is reason enough for itself. The beginning and the end of itself. I say that if you don’t drink then you have missed out on one of the greater meanings for life itself. The slurring of tongue, the haziness of mind, the numbing of the fingers, the singularity of thought and the desire for expression of societal repressions are a thing to be experienced in one’s lifetime. Go out. Have a peg or a pint. Have fun. Let go of your anger, your hatred, your troubles and the things that are dragging you down and remember that we live for ourselves and that we owe no one nothing, this life is to be lived by the moment and for the moment and all that matters at the end of it is the sum of our experiences. Wouldn’t you want it to be good at the end of it all and recollect those memories of youthful exuberance and extravagance?

I am not trying to make converts here with this post. That is not the intention. Well maybe it is a wee bit. I am strongly opinionated towards the propagation of this part of human culture. But the grander message of this post is that I am piss sloshed as I write this. Good night. I love you all.

The Chapters Of My Life

Books have been like friends to me since a very young age. Each one was a special friend with a special personality. Someone I could learn a lot from and inculcate in myself those characteristics I learnt from them. And life itself is a lot like a book. Each and every individual has a story to tell. Maybe it won’t be a bestseller; maybe no one will ever read your life. But you know for a fact that to live the life you have takes only an author as unique as you.

Incidents in life are like chapters in a book. One needs to finish a chapter to move on to the next. Yet, you dare not forget the previous chapter lest you lose the rhythm of the story. Think about it. We try to forget painful memories; try to erase them from our minds. But do you think you would be the person you are today without that incident happening? It’s like you’re tearing out a chapter from your life. Would your life continue to make sense after that?

But a chapter must close for another one to begin. The inspiration for the next chapter comes from the previous chapters. One must go on till the book of life ends. Make each and every chapter memorable. Memorable doesn’t mean happy only. A good chapter is one that stimulates you. That has a mixture of pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness and boredom, love and hate and drama. Above all drama. After all, isn’t life a stage and all of us mere actors on it?

A very important chapter of my life has closed. I rue it because it was a beautiful chapter. One that gave me everything. Yet I cannot let this chapter define the book. So I must move on to the next. Who knows what may happen in this next chapter that has begun? I just have to write it as I go along improvising all the way. I’m not doing too badly either.