A Meaning For Life.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then there was a bang. A very big bang. From that bang came everything. The stars, the planets and the empty space that’s not so empty. Then came the lifeforms. First they were simple. Then they grew complex. Then they grew self-conscious. They decided to explore their surrounding. They created fire, hunted and grew crops. Then they looked to the skies above and wondered. They wondered if there were others like them out there amongst the stars. So began the quest to find out if they were alone in the nothingness. They built machines that would travel out of the world they inhabited. Machines that would touch the stars someday. They built machines that would touch the depths of the oceans someday. They created machines that would wipe out all life on their planet someday.

Then came the awakening. The beings realized there was more to their existence. They discovered their soul. They began to listen to it, and heard the sounds of the universe they inhabited. The universe spoke to them and told them the meaning of life. The meaning that we had lost in our quest for knowledge. The meaning that we knew yet did not know. And the universe spoke to everyone. Man and woman, old and young, rich and poor. The wisdom was finally delivered through the soul. The people were given this simple message. To find “The One that makes you whole”. For each person has just half a soul. And his lifelong quest should be to find the other half. His Soulmate. The one that would complete him. And relive their past lifetimes as a whole. For we are destined to live forever. Not through our physical bodies but through our souls. The quest to find the other half in each lifetime for all eternity, until everything goes back to nothing and the cycle of death and rebirth of the universe will be complete.