Cree Indian Prophecy – Warriors of the Rainbow

Last century an old wise woman of the Cree Indian nation, named “Eyes of Fire”, had a vision of the future. She prophesied that one day, because of the white mans’ or Yo-ne-gis’ greed, there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist. There would come a time when the “keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs” would be needed to restore us to health, making the earth green again. They would be mankind’s key to survival, they were the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit.

The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or “Elohi”. They would teach them how to live the “Way of the Great Spirit”. They would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is “Sick”.

The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would show the peoples that this “Ancient Being” (the Great Spirit), is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the “Earth or Elohi” beautiful again. These Warriors would give the people principles or rules to follow to make their path light with the world. These principles would be those of the Ancient Tribes. The Warriors of the Rainbow would teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding. They would teach of Harmony among people in all four corners of the Earth.

Like the Ancient Tribes, they would teach the peoples how to pray to the Great Spirit with love that flows like the beautiful mountain stream, and flows along the path to the ocean of life. Once again, they would be able to feel joy in solitude and in councils. They would be free of petty jealousies and love all mankind as their brothers, regardless of color, race or religion. They would feel happiness enter their hearts, and become as one with the entire human race. Their hearts would be pure and radiate warmth, understanding and respect for all mankind, Nature and the Great Spirit.

They would once again fill their minds, hearts, souls, and deeds with the purest of thoughts. They would seek the beauty of the Master of Life – the Great Spirit! They would find strength and beauty in prayer and the solitude of life.

Their children would once again be able to run free and enjoy the treasures of Nature and Mother Earth. Free from the fears of toxins and destruction, wrought by the Yo-ne-gi and his practices of greed. The rivers would again run clear, the forests be abundant and beautiful, the animals and birds would be replenished. The powers of the plants and animals would again be respected and conservation of all that is beautiful would become a way of life.

The poor, sick and needy would be cared for by their brothers and sisters of the Earth. These practices would again become a part of their daily lives.

The leaders of the people would be chosen in the old way – not by their political party, or who could speak the loudest, boast the most, or by name calling or mud slinging, but by those whose actions spoke the loudest. Those who demonstrated their love, wisdom and courage and those who showed that they could and did work for the good of all, would be chosen as the leaders or Chiefs. They would be chosen by their “quality” and not the amount of money they had obtained. Like the thoughtful and devoted “Ancient Chiefs”, they would understand the people with love, and see that their young were educated with the love and wisdom of their surroundings. They would show them that miracles can be accomplished to heal this world of its ills, and restore it to health and beauty.

The tasks of these “Warriors of the Rainbow” are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty – once more.

The day will come, it is not far away.

The day that we shall see how we owe our very existence to the people of all tribes that have maintained their culture and heritage. Those that have kept the rituals, stories, legends and myths alive. It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to “harmony” with Nature, Mother Earth and mankind. It will be with this knowledge that we shall find our “Key to our Survival”.

This is the story of the “Warriors of the Rainbow”.



Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find
That money cannot be eaten.


The Truth Is Out There.

I belong to the tribe of people who believe that this universe isn’t us Human’s exclusive domain but contains life forms in abundance, albeit the majority probably not being sentient. Now there are a whole bunch of people who have shaken their heads in disagreement at this statement of mine and said there is no proof; the same people who believe in God, go to church on sundays and cross themselves when they pass a temple. These same people would be hard pressed to give scientifically accepted ‘proof’ of God’s existence and would resort to stating instances of ‘miracles’ and quoting ‘The Bible’, like that book is sacrosanct and written by ‘God’ Himself. My point here is that nothing is certain but some things are more certain than others and I will go out on a limb here and state that the probability of the existence of extra-terrestrials is greater than that of God.

Let’s take the Sphinx in Egypt as exhibit number 1. Egyptologists are of the general opinion that the Sphinx was built during the reign of King Khafre about 4500 years ago, or 2500 B.C. There is mounting geological and historical evidence that the theory of the Sphinx built by Khafre is flimsy at best. The new evidence that has surfaced shows that the Sphinx has to be much older than earlier assumed; as old as 12500 years or built around 10500 B.C. As we know the Egyptian Civilisation is the oldest known human civilisation and came into existence 4500 years ago. But evidence shows that the Sphinx predated the Egyptians by 8000 years. So who built the Damn thing? For more reading on the topic go to

Let’s take ‘The Bible’ as exhibit number 2. It has long been discussed that the Bible contains evidence of our ancestor’s interacting with ‘Aliens’. I won’t go into the details here but for more reading check out this page: Gives you something to think about doesn’t it?

I haven’t even begun to mention Stonehenge or the crop circles or any of the other anomalous objects and sightings that have been in place or observed probably before the advent of fire. I’m not trying to convince the skeptics of my point of view, just detailing a small portion of the evidence and hoping that people would open their narrow minds and let go of their narcissism of thinking that this universe which contains hundreds of billions of stars could be generous enough to have us humans as it’s only hosts. Time to let go of our egocentric ‘God created us in his self-image’ attitude and embrace the facts as they stand before us.