What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff online the whole of last week and as is wont of me, mostly the paranormal, philosophical and highly dubious pieces of literature having to do with confidence tricks and ‘cold reading’. Also read up on some Gnostic gospels, especially a little bit of the ‘secret gospel of Mark’ and Jesus’ ‘favourite disciple’. Read a bit on Aleister Crowley, once declared the most evil man on Earth and his big bad ‘secret of sex magick’. Yes, i read weird stuff.

I converted some of that reading material into pdf files for those that would wish to read it in a more convenient manner. Here’s the link to the philosophy of Carpocrates, a philosophy which has made a very favourable impression on me since the time I’ve read it. Also one of my all time favourites has to be the deeply philosophical movie series of ‘The Matrix’, and here’s a distillation of the philosophies that went into the movie : the-Matrix-Trilogy-Philosophy.

The other esoteric stuff can be found on google but I suggest you not go looking around for the ‘big bad secret of sex magick’, for what you will find isn’t in the least bit pleasant.