Rainbow Colours Of Somber

For someone who’s supposed to be good with words, I’m all out at the moment. A whole bunch of conflicting thoughts have been running through my head lately, not making much sense, and I hear a voice, more a whimper really, of reason, telling me to snap out of this funk. I feel like a monkey with a million thoughts running through my mind, nothing concrete, always flitting from one random topic to another, not wanting to pause or rest on one and dwell on it out of some unfounded fear that that action may make the other thoughts less important and undeserving of my immediate attention. That doesn’t make much sense logically, but I’m not feeling very logical at the moment. This post really doesn’t have a message or a moral. There is no inspiring or heart wrenching story. Nothing to make you go ha-ha either. While I type this I have no clue how it will end. You’re really wasting your time reading this, instead of wasting your time on other mundane, mind numbing activity.


Disturbingly, that’s what life has become for a lot of us. We keep our minds distracted and saturated throughout our waking hours, and when it can take no more, sleep and have muddled, irregular dreams on inconsequential things. What’s worse is that most of us don’t realise that our minds are pretty much programmed to make us act in a certain manner. Breaking the programming creates turmoil, and turmoil is equivalent to pain. Being humans we tend towards pleasure and away from pain, and hence stay within the boundaries of our programming. Going about our day to day activities, not asking the very fundamental questions of our being, our nature and our ‘raison d’etre’ or reason for existence. Most people even believe that asking such questions is unimportant and purposeless, choosing instead to stay ignorant and unenlightened. I think such people fear that what they may discover if they probe too much would be devastating, not in terms of what they find, but in disrupting their long held, carved in rock, belief systems. Belief’s being inexorably tied to our egos, it’s more difficult than it seems to change or modify them. But questioning and refining our beliefs is the first step towards leading a more enlightened and fulfilling life.


As I’m nearing the end of my short diatribe, I look at the length of this post and realise that I’ve negated the very first sentence. Hmm.