Project: Log Off

Since my last post I’ve come to the conclusion that drastic measures need to be taken to curtail and maybe desist my addiction to social networks. So I’ve decided to go on a self-imposed detox program that would last 7 days/168 hours.. *gulp*. The purpose of this exercise would be two-fold. To de-addict myself from my rabid dependance on social networks and to increase my productivity during this week. It would be interesting to see how I fill my time without the distraction of perpetually being online and connected. I will entitle myself with the use of emails ( which I require for responsing to correspondence from certain mailing lists etc) and the use of the general internet for research into work and business related topics. Also, I will have the use of my blog, mainly to document what I indulge in during the next 7 days. I will of course have my phone handy, just in case anyone needs to get in touch with me and can’t do so online. Time to wrap up and log off everything now. In a few minutes I will be offline. See you guys in a weeks time!

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