Why Self-Improvement May Not Be What The Doctor Ordered

Self improvement is a billion dollar industry. The industry thrives on you believing that there’s something wrong with you. That you’re incomplete the way you are. That you’re worthless.

I am the by-product of billions of years of evolution. A biological machine that is perfect in every regard. I’m primed to do the job I was created for. And that job is to survive long enough to procreate, to pass on my genes and continue the race.

The very basic assumption of our society is that we are inadequate in some way or other. In this manner we are peddled penis enhancements in the same breadth as a certain author peddles a ‘secret’ for better living. Stuff like that makes me nauseous these days. I won’t for a moment pretend I was above such puerile bull, hitching on to the self-improvement bandwagon with ardor. If the whole world tells me that I’m inadequate in some way or another, then I must be! is how my thought process works in this regard, and so does yours I bet.

There’s a noise around us. The noise of people telling us what to do and how to be and what is right or not and what is good and bad. The noise isn’t easy to ignore precisely because it’s all pervading.

It only takes a moment to be aware of the noise that’s around you; the noise of newspapers and magazines telling you that you’re unattractive, of TV ads promoting machines that will give you 6 pack abs with almost no effort; of a million books telling you how to make that first million dollars or the one telling you how you should keep smiling and ‘think positive’, even though you may have lost your job, your home and maybe even family.

The noise tells you that you are only a few steps away from achieving perfection, and yes, you can buy it, and it’s at half rate for a limited period only!

Even if you’re a skeptic at first, somewhere down the line with years of being exposed to that noise, you begin to believe it. You are mired into the ugly web and society conditions you to go to the gym and take your vitamins and put on your sunscreen so that you can look and feel perfect.

What’s happening here in the background you ask? What’s happening is that you are programmed to believe you are imperfect and then given a solution to your imperfections! Hence the popularity of fairness cream (why is being ‘dark’ a bad thing again?) or any of the assorted ‘brand’ images we are bombarded with in every waking moment.

I’m not saying don’t buy into it. That it’s ALL a scam. That it’s only feeding the $500 Billion industry that is Self-improvement. There may be some good people out there who do this so that you can be a better person. But ultimately know this – ALL these people speak through personal experience; and that’s something you can’t buy. Eventually you need to stop reading and get out there and put things into action. Lying back with your head on the pillow and muttering positive statements over and over like some book suggests would probably get you nowhere. But don’t take my word for it. Read all you want and try and put those ‘principles’ into practice. And come back to rub it in my face and tell me how you made your million following those principles. Maybe I’ll renege on my words in this post and dedicate a post on your magnanimousness. Till then, peace, it’s 7 am and I really need to sleep.


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