When I posted ‘Things to Consider BEFORE Getting a Tattoo Done’ the response was overwhelming. The clamor for ‘more’ was nearly deafening.Thanks you two.For all the love.

So without further ado, here it is..

1) Get the spelling right. Especially if it’s in a language you don’t know. Read: tattoos in mandarin.

Yes, I said Mandarin, you ignoramus.

That’s what YOU call ‘Chinese’. Mandarin, not ignoramus.

You’re stupid.

Don’t get Chinese tattoos if you’re not Chinese. Period.


2) Communicate with the artist as to what you want. Remember, a tattoo is pretty permanent.

Just in case you forgot.

3) Understand and accept that it’s going to hurt. A lot. You didn’t think that ‘looking cool’ came without a price did you?



4) Have sex. Lots of it.’But how does sex help?’ you ask.

It’s no wonder your parents birthed a monkey like you.

And there you have it folks. 4 MORE things to consider.


Why not 5 is what you’re wondering.

Coz this is all I got, Mr. Niggles.


Read ‘Things to consider before getting a tattoo done”.

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