Harley Ad – Rough Draft

My friend Neil was given the opportunity to put together a trailer video for Harley Davidson, at a private showing to the Press. This was to introduce Harley Davidson in India. He asked me to write the lines that would be played while the video plays. This is my contribution to that project, which was later fine-tuned by Neil and team.

“You are who you are, and not what others tell you to be.
You make your rules, and the world agrees,
Your thought becomes action because you have the grit to make it so,
The world falls into step with you, because you won’t have it any other way,
The battles have been fought, the war has been won and all that remains is you.
At the peak. The pinnacle of who you are. And this is all that remains.
You. and. Harley.”

Here’s the final ad, check it out.