Resolutions For 2011


Now the reason people fail at resolutions, especially New Year resolutions, is because they lack a plan of action on how to go about achieving their goals. “I want to lose weight” or “I will give more time to my hobbies” are vague, uninspiring and consequently, doesn’t do much in jolting one to action and changing one’s life. “I will exercise 3 times a week with the goal of losing a kilo a month” is actionable and a real target. Not that I personally wish to lose any weight, this being just an example since at least one overweight person may read this. Anyhoo, the point is, break down all your resolutions into actionable steps and you will significantly increase your chances of success.

Now that that is out of the way, here are some (I will probably keep adding to this list) of my resolutions for this year 2011:

1) I will read a book a week. I got this idea from a blog post on how to do go about doing this and thought it interesting enough to take up. Also, I’m nearing the end of my 2nd book for the year so I have a slight head start.

2) I want to put together a list of all the books I’ve read. Ever. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

3) I want to gain 15 kilos, spread over the whole year. Achievable, if I put on 1.3 kilos a month, considering I’ve done 6 kilos in the first month and 7 in the consecutive month, once. Check out Tim Ferris’ article on the routine I used to achieve such gains.

4) I want to finally get to 100 posts on my blog, and although I wanted to get to that milestone by the end of 2010, it was not to be. In the next 2 months I will put out about 2 posts per week, making a total of 16, and getting me to that mark.

5) I will not visit Goa until I’ve made a trip to a different part of the country. There’s a lot to be seen and I’ve fallen into the habit of picking Goa as a vacation spot.

6) I will work diligently and take advantages of the opportunities that present themselves. I put this in here because I’m slow with decision-making,tending to weigh the pros and cons for way too long.

7) I will make myself more available to friends, make new ones and network for work and pleasure.

I think this does it for now.