A Book I Write

Things fall apart. That is the way of things. Things renew themselves. That is also  the way of things.

Things may not take the form they were originally. In fact, they may look very different, or not at all anything like the original.

Relationships are like that.

I see life as a book that I write. That each one of us does. A very unique book. One that is constantly written, every second and every breath and every skipped heartbeat.

Books have chapters. Every chapter adds to this book, but I do not revisit any chapter. The book must be read, chapter by chapter, till the very end, when the story may be passed on, or forgotten by time and the universe. This book also cannot be started over, the brutality of editing can not touch it. Some of us may wish to go back to the past and change the grammar of things, change the story that we have written, but the prose does not lend itself to ever be changed.

Editing is a destruction of what I have  created so beautifully.

This book is a one time read, one read in an always forward direction, never going back over what has been written, never being able to change the errors of  our prosaic lives.