The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury – A Thesis


This thesis was written as part of a MOOC I took. More info here.

The Martian Chronicles teaches us the lesson of history repeating itself, told through the tale of conquest of other lands, in this case, of Mars.

Bradbury mentions the impact of humans upon their own civilization on Earth, and what we would do if we were to find another land for the taking, the same way Cortez of Spain invaded Mexico.

In our present time and maybe the near future, we may not have imbibed well the lessons of the past, and now that we have incredible technology, we may very  well destroy ourselves in the same breath as achieve a utopian society. Like children who can’t understand what to do with new toys, we will end up destroying our own world and then do the same with other worlds if we’re not careful as a collective race to bring our impulses under control.

Bradbury paints the human race as immature and incapable of  dealing with technological advances in a rational manner that preferably benefits humanity as a whole. Instead, we can’t think beyond our own selfish motives, like, for example, the guy who sets up the hot dog stand for profit and out of a deep optimism, or the guy selling suitcases, also for profit, but out of a pessimistic world view.
We see that regardless of whether we fought with bows and arrows or fight in this day and age with Rockets and nuclear weapons, our Humanness will win out in the end, most likely to the detriment of our own race and world, and to a greater extent any other civilizations we come across.

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