I got bit by a stray dog – part 2

I’m the first and now also the second person most people know who’s been bitten by stray dogs. Last night while rushing to withdraw money from an ATM I kicked a stray who, with evolutionarily-programmed reflex, turned around, whimpered, barked, and bit me; this scene took maybe less than two seconds. I, with my own evolutionarily-programmed reflex kicking in, heard the barking and felt the bite, and jerked my leg away, albeit too late to prevent any damn thing. Some damage was done, particularly an inch of jeans torn and two shallow bite marks along with slight drag marks where, presumably, the jerking of the leg avoided deep punctures but consequently created the lesser drag-tears. So I went home, found Savlon, cleaned the wound, applied some 12-year-old rum, for good disinfectant measure, that my brother’d stashed, daubed the wound dry, and applied Betnovate-N. Then I sat back and opened a browser and Googled “What to do in case of a topical dog bite,” read that I should mostly show the wound to a doctor, and maybe get an anti-rabies injection just to be on the safe side. Since my last dog bite was 5+ish years ago, — same situation, same leg, different dog — and since these particular injections, the Doc later informed me, offer immunity for only 5 years, I grudgingly got off my ass and went to see him, the family Doc, who injected me with a tetanus shot, cleaned the wound and bandaged it, gave me a prescription for injections I’d need to get and take over the next week; 3 of them, spaced about 3 days apart. Took my first anti-rabies shot this morning.  Doc told me to take these shots every 5 years, so I’m immune to bites from dogs, rats, even jackals, he helpfully added. In passing I asked the Doc if there’s any vaccine to make me less prone to colds and coughs, complaints I regularly suffer from. He looked me in the eye and without any trace of humor said “Leave Bombay.” I left him and went to the office.

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