2013 in review

Seeing as how this post  is going up in Feb 2014, it will be clear to you that 2013 was not the year I successfully overcame my procrastination habit. It was a really good year, though, overall. I set some ambitious goals for myself, which in hindsight make me seem pretty vella, since I actually found the time to do them while holding down a regular day job at an ad agency, but it’s mostly just plodding along daily, doing a little at a time until mountains are made out of molehills; and am glad I’ve achieved most of them. Some of the highlights below:

  • I finished two courses online, on Coursera, and received certificates with grades: Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World (66.7% grade) and Introduction to philosophy (57.5% grade).
  • 154 books read, though some were short stories and comics, so it’s not that big a deal. 23,066 total pages, Goodreads informs me.
  • Wrote a 44,000-word novel, which is still in the first draft, and should’ve actually moved into draft two or three, but I’ve been too lazy and procrastinatory to do that. Soon. Also entered a 5000-word snippet of the novel to a competition hosted by DNA and Hachette. No reply from there, so I’m not hopeful.
  • Entered three short story competitions, with three different and stories. Won one, and the anthology by 21 authors including me will be published in March this year by Notion Press.
  • Quit smoking: everything. I think for good this time.
  • Began learning Spanish and Python programming. Status: incomplete.

Thank you for reading!