The movie ‘Avatar’ was described by a friend as ‘an acid trip’ Another wondered aloud if James Cameron, the director of the movie, was tripping on something. Easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, the visuals and plotline are incredibly bewitching and near orgasmic. Those who thought the movie was just about the special effects and lacked any depth of story have a very superficial manner of thinking. The story is about ‘connections’, the premise that we are all ‘one’, part of a greater whole, inseparable from that which is ‘without’. The ‘within’ and ‘without’ co-existing like yin-yang, not opposites or separates, but complementary elements that are each dependent on the other.

Many ages ago man lived in harmony with his environment. The Pagans had Gods for every element in nature. They worshipped the trees, the clouds that bore water, the rivers, the sun that gave light and warmth and life to the crops, even animals. They respected their surroundings and ‘Gaia’, the ancient name for mother earth. Sometime in our ‘development’ as a race we forgot the lessons of old and replaced them with ‘modern’ thoughts and ideas, with virtual boundaries that separate us on a physical and emotional level.

Avatar shows us that its beings, the Na’vi, share more than a superficial connection. They possess appendages that fuse with other beings on their planet, not just their own species. This can directly be interpreted in the context of human beings co-existing with other beings on this planet. Sharing a near spiritual, harmonious bond of co-existence. It is something we’ve forgotten to do as an ‘advanced’ race.

The message is clear. Take action NOW, to repair the damage that’s been done so far, before the little that’s left of the planets richness is robbed, not by an extraterrestrial race, but sadly by its own residents.