I Did Some Math Today

Here’s what it looks like:

2007 – 4 posts

2008 – 37 posts

2009 – 22 posts

2010 – 21 posts

2011 – 5 posts

2012 – 5 posts

2013 – 2 posts (so far)

I looked at these numbers and thought “why did I ever stop writing as much as I did”? But I didn’t stop writing; I just stopped posting stuff online. There’s dozens of half-written posts lying in the drafts folder (of WordPress) and in Evernote (where I write thoughts on the fly). I never did get around to editing them and so they’re gathering dust, waiting for me to someday blow off the grime and polish them and display them and take pride in them.

Reviewing Manuscripts

Only recently I was invited to review someone’s first work of Fiction. I dithered on whether I should or should not take up the responsibility, because that is what it is, a monumental responsibility of giving feedback on someone else’s work. For me, I welcome critics, but that does not mean I don’t feel the sting of criticism, and I imagine anyone who creates something – for writer’s are, after all, artists, and creators of world’s – feels the same sting, probably differing in degrees, depending on how thick or thin their skin. But I took it up anyway, with a swelled chest, for being asked to give my opinion meant that my opinion was, and is, valued.

The work turned out to be fantasy fiction, a genre I’m usually not too keen on reading. I did enjoy the book though, even though it was a first draft and needed a fair bit of reworking. Told the lady who wrote it as much, and thankfully she took all criticism with grace, or at least pretended to. But she does continue to ask me inputs on further changes, so I now believe she genuinely appreciates my inputs. Which is well and good. When I finish the first draft of my first novel in December, I’ll stick it to her for critique, all 50,000 words of shit. 🙂